My role at ABN AMRO Investments involved taking designers, processes, and products to the next level. One example of this is my work on the bank-wide implementation of our new Figma-based design system, which allowed us to design more quickly and consistently.
Discovery Sprints
As a team lead, I’ve been part of numerous discovery sprints. These sprints involved us spending a full week digging deep into user problems and coming to a thorough understanding of them. We involved key players from all departments, meaning that we not only had plenty of knowledge to profit from, but the choices we made were widely supported throughout the organization.
Behavioural Design
In our research projects, we mapped out users’ pains, gains, habits, and anxieties, so we knew exactly which criteria our solutions had to meet. We also explored Jobs to be Done (JTBD), so that we were aware of our users’ deeper needs.
Design Sprints
As a design lead, I’ve been part of numerous design sprints. In five days, we would transform user problems and business objectives into validated prototypes. This approach taught us which solutions worked best and which hypotheses were riskiest and needed further validation.
Trial Investments
I’ve been a part of the process of creating Trial Investments from research to implementation. During our user research, we learned that many first-time investors are nervous to place their first orders. That’s why we launched Trial Investments, a product that allows users to shadow an expert. We also give users video training and reimburse any initial losses. Users have been very enthusiastic about this product.
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